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Welcome! I am excited you are sharing your financial road and real estate decisions with me. 

As a current real estate agent with Keller Williams - coming to them with over 26 years preparing legal documents including bankruptcy preparation, credit protection, repair(legitimate repair) and credit (re)building, and mediation -- I work hard in marketing, negotiating, and making the all our transactions transparent and smooth. 

I am a Military Relocation Professional

I will provides you with superior integrated service resulting in a better quality of life and wiser financial decisions. 

I love finding ways to save money. One of the greatest ways is to purchase with low interest and to live in a manner that your signature says "I deserve low interest." Sharing tips on how to make that happen inspired me to start Be Financially Fit, a Nonprofit Organization. We offers financial courses to organizations and individuals with a group of people between 8 to 15 people for no charge. After all these years, I am finally putting it on line. 

BFF has many topics to offer. Most will be on this page may be too late for preventative as offered for high-school students, but your high school or college students are still early. It is NEVER too late. The time spent on the other topics - avoiding bankruptcy, avoiding or decreasing high interest rates, systematic credit protection, repair, and rebuilding and how it can significantly improve the standard of living, and more - may be a tremendous help. 

Note from Rica: I am updating the pages daily to add more online services. Please call anytime about anything not entered yet. The slides are complete, but I am still uploading to the website. 


Preparing Documents Since 1991

This website contains general information related to home buying, credit repair, bankruptcy, but it does not offer  LEGAL advice. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney as there are long term consequences to legal decisions.