Questionnaires -
Free Consultation

Please start with the Free Consultation first. The first questionnaire will provide you with the consultation and a free Means Test Then next two questionnaires are important for accepting a case for preparation.  The Questionnaire has been broken down to small sections. Any question skipped will be asked again until all questions are answered - so please save time by entering all information the first time. 


Q1 - Basic Information and Income Questionnaire

Q2 Expenses Questionnaire

Q3 - Property Questionnaire

Q4 - Lease and Contract Questionnaire

Q5 - Unsecured Creditor Questionnaire

Q6 - Co-Debtors Questionnaire

Q7 -Statement of Financial Affairs

Q8 - Vehicle Questionnaire

Q9 - Real Estate Questionnaire

Q10 - Miscellaneous Secured Creditors

Q11 - Means Test


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