Keep up with my upcoming open houses
under events on my facebook page. I hold open houses for others and will gladly represent the buyer on the purchase.
I also will hold open houses for those I am the listing agent for. In addition, those with an agent are welcome to come for a walk-through while it is open with their own agent (or without, but be sure to contact your agent if you come alone and are interested).


Including Open Houses in your Overall Plan is great for maximum exposure. It is time saving for all, and especially for those living in the home during the sell. When I list your home with me to sell it, I host the open house personally unless we agree otherwise. It also provides for an entire market plan within the overall marketing plan - more exposure. Depending on your personality and home accommodations, the open house can be simple with no treats, we can provide waters (especially on a hot day), or we can discuss other more elaborate arrangements.

I market the listing. I market the open house.

I market the listing. I market the open house.

We will customize with a strategy that takes in buyers for your price range, area, and specifics for your home.We use mailers and/or door hangers, MLS and many other agent based advertisements, agent to agent advertising, various Facebook pages, groups, and events, Twitter, Instagram, and other public based advertising, yard signs, personal competition free web-link to share (and request sharing), email campaigns, staging your home if beneficial, pictures and videos and posting them, boosting the posts for events.

Overall Plan 


We can do a Private Open House at your Convenience.
You can call me to create your account based on what you want and I will set you up an account to choose your favorites. OR
You can sign in to your account and Personalize your Property Search
. Select your favorites. Call, text or email me when you are ready, and I will schedule for the best time to show you the home based on your schedule.
CONTACTS: 1-757-932-RICA (7422), Personalize your property search with an up-to-date search engine rather than getting expired listed, slow to process listing, or pending listings. Get the Most Current Listing.
Personalize your Property Search
We can schedule to show you a property at your convenience.


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