Process My Papers offers the following services:

1. Bankruptcy Cases 

Full preparation of Chapter 7 cases. See the links below that will help through the process. After 26 years, this process has become much easier through detailed questionnaires. Please watch the videos the court has provided to answer questions.

2. Emergency Bankruptcy Cases 


  • You have selected an attorney, but need time to hire the firm.
  • Your wont have the fees to pay your selected bankruptcy attorney him until after your house is foreclosed, the car is repossessed or other emergencies. 
  • Your attorney referred you to me to prepare an emergency. 

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The emotional consequences vary depending on each client. Some may feel depression, relieve or a mixture. I have  simultaneously prepared  dissolution of marriage with the bankruptcy or started on alternative to bankruptcy - in a few months the couples reconciled. Thankfully, California has a six month waiting period. Now, it seems reasonable to wait until after the bankruptcy to see if the perceived irreconcilable differences resolve. 

The financial consequences to bankruptcy or alternatives can be tremendous and long-term. The disclosures and An attorney can help you with determining the legal consequences of filing a bankruptcy BEFORE or as you are making your decision. Also the financial road map may provide some direction in your alternatives and planning. 


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This website contains general information related to home buying, credit repair, bankruptcy, but it does not offer  LEGAL advice. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney as there are long term consequences to legal decisions.